Virtual Harvest Tours

Learn how we're creating the future of hops by going beyond the brewery to our farms in Yakima, WA. Experience the sights and sounds of harvest from the comfort of your couch as you tour everything from breeding, process, and even hop selections.

Step 1: The Breeding Program

See where it all begins, and watch how hops rise from the Seedling Nursery to our 5-acre Plots. Learn how we innovate to bring you what’s next in hops. Go beyond the brewery and behind the scenes of our farms with our virtual harvest tours.

Step 2: Harvesting

This stop of our tour we'll show you how we take those hops from the field so we can start processing them for distribution. Experience our combines in action and take a walk through our organic hop fields.

Step 3: Processing

After being harvested, our hops move on to processing. In this step you’ll see just how our freshly-harvested hops are cleaned, dried, harvested, and baled—Hopsteiner-style. Watch our innovation in action as we take you through some of the most efficient and advanced processing facilities in the US.

Step 4: Warehousing

What happens before our hops head your way? Watch this leg of our virtual tour to find out. Tour our warehouse to see how we keep our eyes on our hops around the clock before they get to you.

Step 5: Selection

After harvest ends, it’s time to make a selection of your own. Learn the ins and outs of the selection process from Bill Elkins, one of our hop experts. Make your own selection today here and start brewing.

Select Your Hops Today

Anything you have in mind, you can find in our portal. Shop our selection of domestic and international hops and hop products to find a hop for every aroma, style, and flavor.