Every Hop Started Somewhere

To kick off our virtual harvest, we are taking you back to our roots. Tour our seedling nurseries to get a behind the scenes look at our breeding process. Discover how we create new products, craft exciting flavor profiles, and produce higher yielding hops that give you the most out of your brew.

Seedling Nursery

See where it all begins. Our seedling nurseries are an essential part of our breeding program. Learn how we innovate to bring you what’s next in hops. Go beyond the brewery and behind the scenes of our farms with our virtual harvest tours.


On the second stop of our virtual harvest, we tour our Single Hill Nursery. Here, new varieties come to life. Learn how we shorten breeding cycles while bringing you our most innovative varieties.


On stop three, we speed two years down the line to the Multi-Hill Nursery. Here, only the best hops will survive. See how we pressure test our hops to find out what’s next!

40-Hill Plots

Things are getting real in part four. Welcome to our 40-Hill Plots. This is the last step of the R11 yards before hops are moved to our commercial fields. Here, we show you what it really takes to make it as a hop.

5-Acre Plots

We’ve reached our final stop this week, our 5-Acre Plots. Here we can commercially produce hops, so they can get into the brewing community. See new varieties like our Altus™ brand come to life.

Select Your Hops Today

Anything you have in mind, you can find in our portal. Shop our selection of domestic and international hops and hop products to find a hop for every aroma, style, and flavor.