Tour our fields, see the sights, and grab a beer in our first ever digital hop harvest experience

Go Beyond the Brewery

See the sights and sounds of harvest from start to finish. Don’t worry if you see people without masks, because this footage includes past years as well.

Immerse yourself–and your senses in our harvest. Walk our hop fields, take a step inside our breeding labs, and check out our cutting-edge machinery—all from the comfort of your couch.

Every Hop Started Somewhere

See where it all begins. Our seedling nurseries are an essential part of our breeding program. Learn how we innovate to bring you what’s next in hops. Go beyond the brewery and behind the scenes of our farms with our virtual harvest tours.

Find Your Next Hop

From the dankest of dank to the fruitiest of fruit—you’ll find the perfect hop for your next brew. Browse our wide selection of hops to find just the aromas, flavor profile, and alpha acid levels you’re looking for.

Select Your Hops Today

Anything you have in mind, you can find in our portal. Shop our selection of domestic and international hops and hop products to find a hop for every aroma, style, and flavor.

Dare To Brew Different

We grow the best, so you can brew the best. These brewers have put their own spin on our hops, challenging the status quo of brewing. Get a taste of their creativity each week as we spotlight some of our favorites.

by MORE Brewing Co.

Sun City is a dry-hopped lager made with X13459 and Lemondrop™ LupulinPellets.™ Introduced at both whirlpool and dry-hop added bright citrus and fruity notes with floral and herbal undertones. Crisp and pleasantly hoppy finish.

Check out our Collab Beers page to find out how brewers around the country are putting their own spin on our hops.


Have a question about harvest? We have the answers and action you're looking for.

What’s harvest all about?

Once a year we host breweries from across the globe for hop selection in Yakima, Wash. This experience gives brewers the chance to go behind the hops—to walk our facilities, sample our hops, and even grab a beer with the team that makes it all happen.

How do I buy hops?

You can buy hops directly from our website. Check out our selection of international and domestic hops on our portal here to find out how you can dare to brew different.

I’m a home/craft/master brewer. Can I buy hops from you?

Of course! No brewer is too big or too small for us. If you’re passionate about brewing, we’ve got the right hops for you. Browse our selection of hops here. Min. order is just 5lbs.

What’s your story? How can I learn more about Hopsteiner?

From a small farm in Laupheim, Germany, we’ve grown to be one of the world’s leading hop suppliers. We might be 175 years in, but we’re just getting started. Learn more about us here.

Still looking for answers? Drop us a line here for more help.

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