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Welcome to Week 3 of Virtual Harvest! Check out all the sights and sounds from our facilities in Yakima.

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Virtual Harvest Tour

Welcome to Week 3: Processing

Tour our farms in Yakima from the comfort of your couch. This week we'll show you what's next in hops with some of the most advanced processing facilities in the US. From cleaning freshly picked hops, to drying them in industrial sized kilns, we're taking you through our state-of-the-art River Ranch facility. Check back weekly to find out what’s next in hops.

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The Sounds of Harvest

Since you can't experience harvest in person this year, we're going to immerse your senses in the sounds of Yakima. Listen to it all—from rolling tractors to splitting hop cones, you'll feel like you're right here with us.

A Hop for Every Aroma, Style, and Flavor

No brewery is too big or too small. Whether you’re a brewer looking to try something new or looking for more efficiency in your production, we’ve got a product for you. Check out our selection of international and domestic hops on our portal to find out how you can dare to brew different and see below for some of our most exciting hops today.


Altus is dank with spicy, resinous aromas that lend to soft tangerine, herbal, and grassy notes. It’s a perfect match for any brew, from a Mexican Lager to a Triple IPA.


Yield: 3,200 – 3,500 ppa

Alpha Acid: 15 - 19%

Beta Acid: 4 – 5.2%

Co-Humulone: 26 - 29

Total Oils: 3 – 4.4 mL/100g


Sultana’s popularity stems from its huge aroma and flavor profile. Notes of ripe pineapple, bright citrus, and subtle hints of pine make this market-leading product the perfect choice for any hop-forward styles.
Alpha Acid 13 - 15% | Beta Acid 4 - 5% | Total Oils (ml/100g) 2.5 - 4


Contessa boasts a refined hop aroma of beautiful floral fields, light pear, soft green tea, and lemongrass. It’s the perfect fit for a lager beer style and a unique addition to many other styles.
Alpha Acid 3 - 5% | Beta Acid 5 - 7.4% | Total Oils (ml/100g) .08 - 1.9


Lotus offers exceptional aromatic characteristics, boasting waves of orange and vanilla followed by notes of candied grape and tropical fruit aromas. One of the most unique hops on the market, Lotus shines in IPAs, NEIPAs, as well as a broad spectrum of beer styles.
Alpha Acid 13 - 17% | Beta Acid 5.5 - 6% | Total Oils (ml/100g) 1.5 - 2.5


Trident is comprised of 3 Northwest-grown hops and was developed for those seeking a hop forward punch to the nose. This fruity, citrus, tropical, passion fruit blend is sure to fit any beer style.
Alpha Acid 11 - 14% | Beta Acid 4 - 5% | Total Oils 1.6 - 3%

Learn the Way of the Hop

Unravel the mysteries of brewing with our Hoppy Topics Series. This free educational speaker series brings knowledge from Hopsteiner’s lead researchers and hop scientists right to you.

R&D scientists, Dr. Paul Matthews and Nicholi Pitra help explain Hop Breeding. Take a look at our 2 part hop breeding webinar series to learn more.


Have a question about harvest? We have the answers and action you're looking for.

What’s harvest all about?

Once a year we host breweries from across the globe for hop selection in Yakima, Wash. This experience gives brewers the chance to go behind the hops––to walk our facilities, sample our hops, and even grab a beer with the team that makes it all happen. This year, things are a little different. Since everyone won’t be able to come to us, we’re bringing the harvest experience to them through a virtual harvest.

What’s a virtual harvest?

This year’s harvest has gone digital. We’re bringing the sights and sounds of harvest right to your living room. And, if you’re lucky, maybe even the tastes, smells, and touch too. Each week, we’re releasing virtual experiences that immerse your senses in the harvest–making you feel a little closer to our Yakima farms.

How do I buy hops?

You can buy hops directly from our website. Check out our selection of international and domestic hops on our portal here to find out how you can dare to brew different.

I’m a home/craft/master brewer. Can I buy hops from you?

Of course! No brewer is too big or too small for us. If you’re passionate about brewing, we’ve got the right hops for you. Browse our selection of hops here. Min. order is just 5lbs.

What’s your story? How can I learn more about Hopsteiner?

From a small farm in Laupheim, Germany, we’ve grown to be one of the world’s leading hop suppliers. We might be 175 years in, but we’re just getting started. Learn more about us here.

Still looking for answers? Drop us a line here for more help.

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