Week 3: Cleaning & Drying

Last week we took you behind the hops to show you how we harvest things here at Hopsteiner. This week, we’re taking you through the next step–processing. You’ll see just how our freshly harvested hops are cleaned and dried, Hopsteiner-style. Join us as we take you through some of the most efficient and advanced processing facilities in the US.


What’s next in hops wouldn’t be possible without next-level cleaning facilities. See your favorite hops get separated from their leaves and stems, and get ready for drying, pelletization and processing.


What comes after cleaning? Drying. See how we dry our hops in one of the most advanced facilities in the country. These industrial sized kilns are made to handle some serious product, so that we can service brewers of any size.

Missed Week 2?

From combines to organics, see what happened in last week’s Virtual Harvest Tour. Take a step out on our farms to see our combines in action as well as get a peek at our spread of sustainable hops.