Week 2: Combines & Organic Farm Tours

Last week we showed you how we breed and develop unique hop varieties to better your brew. This week we'll show you how we take those hops from the field so we can start processing them for distribution. The first step, take the hops off the vines. Experience our combines in action and take a walk through our organic hop fields to learn how we create higher yielding hops with our innovative harvesting.


Get ready for a new kind of harvest—the combine tour. Chop through the hops and experience how we harvest step-by-step. See how our Combine harvesting beats traditional harvesting 5 to 1.


If you’re thinking of going organic, we are one step ahead of you. Take a look at our most sustainable hops to date. See your favorite varieties go organic with the addition of Altus™ , Sultana™ , Eureka™, Calypso™, and Contessa™ —just to name a few.

Ready for Week 3?

The harvest continues as we tour Hopsteiner's state-of-the-art processing facilities. We’ll show you how we go from freshly picked hops, to clean and dried hops.